Greg Gifford

Vice President of Search

Greg Gifford is SearchLab's Vice President of Search. He one of the most popular speakers in the industry and presents all over the world on topics related to Local SEO. 

There's hardly anything at SearchLab that Greg isn't involved in. He helps to steer the SEO process, oversees all SearchLab marketing efforts and helps to promote SearchLab at conferences, on industry publications and training videos. 

You can follow Greg's popular weekly video series, Local Search Tuesdays for some of the best and most actionable Local SEO tips.   

Greg lives in Dallas with his wife, three children, 4 dogs, 2 cats and 1 parakeet. He's obsessed with movies (obvious to anyone who has seen one of his presentations) and tattooed much of his body with some of his favorite characters. He snowboards and geeks out on Disney and Star Trek during his spare time.