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Do You Want More Customers?

Google receives over 100 billion searches per month. People are searching for your product or service. They want what you are selling.

There’s more traffic potential in the organic section of Google than anywhere else on the web. Why isn’t your company website appearing for important searches?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of driving visitors to a website from the organic section of a search engine results page (that is, not the ads). SearchLab’s experienced SEO team delivers results.

SearchLab delivers results for small and medium sized businesses.

Our talented team of marketers develop strategies that not only help your website rank higher on a search engine, we get your business more customers.

Why Isn't Your Company Website Appearing For Important Searches?

Technical SEO
Quality Backlinks
Content Relevancy
Mobile Friendliness
Site Security
Site Speed

Who Are You?

Business Owner

Marketing for business owners.

Your business will not grow without internet marketing. We will help you choose the most cost effective ways to take advantage of the new marketing tools.

Marketing Team

Marketing team support.

Smart marketing teams know they need the best internet marketing services. We get your brand and messaging in front of targeted potential customers fast.

Marketing Agency

Marketing for agencies.

Your clients demand the best internet marketing services. We will provide you with everything you need to give your clients the conversions they want and deserve.

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Search Optimization

search engine optimization seo

To rank in Google, your business needs to understand what Google wants. Also known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the foundation your pages must have to improve your site’s organic search performance.

Conversion Solutions

conversion focused marketing

Everything we do at SearchLab is designed to increase conversions. This includes more phone calls, more in-store visits and a more noticeable online presence for your business brand and message.

Paid Advertising

pay per click ppc

Pay-per-click is the fastest way to make sales. The goal of a strong Pay-per-click advertising campaign isn’t just to send more visitors to your site. The goal is to structure a campaign that delivers sales or leads to your business.

Website Development

website development webdev dev

Our custom-built websites are visually appealing, user-friendly and designed to increase conversions. We specialize in WordPress website design. Find out more about our custom website development services.

You're Not Alone...


Mark Bealin

SearchLab is an agency where gifted SEOs, PPC marketers and Website Developers work together to create the best marketing solutions for small businesses. We seek to be true partners with our clients by making their goals our goals. I'm incredibly proud of the work our team does.

SearchLab Managing Partner

Nathan Young

Search Engines are the greatest referral partners in the world today. Everyday, people use them to find what they want. When someone searches for what you have, wouldn’t you like to be found? That is what we do at SearchLab: in a repeatable, measurable way, we help people find you, so business can happen.

SearchLab General Manager

Tim Dini

The internet is the greatest opportunity you have for advertising, communication and customer engagement. Businesses that fail to take advantage of internet marketing options will soon be left behind; wondering what just happened. Businesses that take advantage early have a distinct advantage.

SearchLab Project Director

Devin Martin

What's traffic or referrals without conversions? SearchLab is an agency that is focused on creating the perfect user experience to convert prospective buyers into loyal customers. Conversion rate optimization is the foundation to our creative process.

SearchLab Creative Director